Tales from Congeria

All of the stories taking place in the magical and crazy world of Congeria!

Scott and Ferra

Artwork by Sketchdumb

Ferra Jane is an android who spent most of her life out in the Radi Desert hunting bounties, all for the purpose of garnering attention. However, the attention she receives is that of an agent from the government named Scott, who claims she needs to be re-located to a reservation for androids. Little did she know, meeting Scott would provide her with just the opportunity she needs…

Simon and Joy

Artwork by Joeboto

Strength, glory, and most importantly, showing off to others were all what Joy Vera sought when she pledged to the dubious God of Righteous Fury. To further achieve this, she ends up roped into a deal with Simon, the leader of the demon hunters known as the Crusaders. Now a part of this organization, she and Simon together dive into a world of demons, cartels, and conspiracy.